Atom Drop through Longboard 41”

Atom Drop-Through Longboard 41”
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Review Summary:

If you are currently looking for a longboard, you have to ask yourself, what exactly are you searching for? First of all, you have to assess your current skill. How good are you at longboarding? Are you the type of person who can already do a lot of tricks with longboarding? Perhaps you are already confident about riding downhill. On the contrary, you may be a beginner. It is likely that you never rode a longboard before.
Based on your skill, you have to know that type of longboard you are going to use but even based on this, you will still be surprised that there are so many choices to consider. You will surely have a hard time choosing the one that you would like to buy. Perhaps you may want to consider Atom Drop through Longboard 41”.
This is one longboard that a lot of people are raving about not only because of its features and the way it looks but also because it is affordable. Who would not want to save up their money and get a quality longboard at the same time? Get to know more about this longboard now.

Features of This Product

  • Ultra Low Riding – If you are searching for a longboard that will allow you to stay stable even at high speeds you can be sure that this is one product that you will benefit from.
  • ABEC 9 Bearings – You can be sure that the bearings of this longboard are made with high quality so you will not have any issues with trying to push yourself and trying to make your board accelerate faster.
  • Full Maple Laminate Deck – This is one of the main reasons why it may not be as expensive as other longboards because instead of maple carved, this is made out of a maple laminate deck but most people have reported that the deck is better than what they have initially expected.
  • Reverse King Pin – The longboard trucks of this longboard comes with 245 millimetre axles so you can be sure that this can be ideal for riding.
  • Little Flex Deck – You can be sure that turning from one corner to another will be smooth as it can respond easily to the turns that a rider has to do.

Benefit of Using This Product

Probably because of its low price, a lot of people usually assume that the quality of this longboard is not great as compared to the quality of the other longboards that are available but this longboard actually has great bearings that are not stiff at all so it can be used as effectively as other higher priced longboards. It also helps a lot that this can be easy to maneuverer so those who have purchased it do not have any regrets.

Pros and Cons of Using This Product

There are some people who become so excited with purchasing that they end up buying something without checking if the item that they are going to buy can be advantageous to them or not. There are certain pros and cons that will come with purchasing any product and without further ado, here are the pros and cons of purchasing Atom Drop through Longboard 41”:


• Fast - For riders who would like to make sure that they will get to their destination immediately, this can be a great choice as it can be as fast as higher priced boards. This can be perfect for cruising as some people use this to get from one place to another.
• Very Stable - Probably because it is very near the ground, you can expect that it will be easier for you to balance even when you are using it for the first time. Beginners and intermediate riders will have a lot of fun riding this board.
• Smooth Ride - Even if you would have to go through some roads that are not as smooth as you would like, you will still maintain a smooth ride all throughout.
• Great for Beginners - For those who are only starting out and learning how to ride the longboard, this can be amazing.
• Manoeuvres Very Well - When it comes to turning from one corner to another, you can be sure that the moment that you tweak it a bit, it will be easy to use.


• Trucks Would Have to be replaced - If you are going to use the board all over and over again, you can expect that the time will come when you would need to have the trucks replaced.
• Turning Radius - The turning radius of this longboard can be improved although like mentioned earlier, tweaking it can make it turn well although the turns may not be as perfect as you would expect.

Customer Score

There are a lot of people who have purchased this over all the other longboards that are available mainly because this is more inexpensive than the others. It has also received a high rating of 9.1 out of 10 which is pretty high given the fact that this is an affordable longboard. Most cheap longboards do not get a high rating probably because of their quality but this longboard shows that it is different from the rest. Almost all of the things that people are saying about this product are positive because the negatives can always be improved and the board will still be as good as new. For most people, this is a longboard that should be purchased.



It is not surprising that the sales of this longboard have increased steadily since the time that it was released. As more and more people have gotten to know the various things that the longboard can offer, they have realized what they are missing out on. This is surely a steal given its price and its performance. This may not be the best board for advanced riders but for beginners and intermediate riders, this board can be amazing to use.


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