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Whether you are new to longboarding or you have been doing it for a long period of time, you know that you need to pick out the right longboard for you. The moment that you check the various models that are available however, you cannot help but feel confused because the number of longboards available has steadily increased over the past years.
When you are choosing your very first longboard, what you have to ask yourself is how you are going to use it. Do you plan on using the longboard for practicing? Do you plan on using the longboard for cruising around certain areas all over your home? Perhaps you are going to use it for some tricks. Once you have decided how you are going to use the longboard, you can already narrow down your search.
You have to decide too if you want something that looks classic or if you are looking for a longboard that is more fit for the modern times. It is very likely that if you consider the design, you will be able to eliminate some of the longboards that do not fit the system that you have in mind.
You will see a lot of brands and models created by various manufacturers. You may want to base your purchase solely on the design but do you honestly think that the style is enough for you to make a decision? Why not make choosing easier for you by considering Atom Pintail Longboard? Get to know more details about this longboard to help you decide if you are going to choose this over all the other longboards or not.

Specifications of the Product

 In order to learn more about the product, you have to know its specifications and features. What are the features that make it unique from other longboards? Knowing what these features are will help you make a decision.

  • Classic Deck Shape – This will decrease the chances of experiencing wheel bite when you are using it for cruising.
  • 5 Inch Aluminium Trucks – Perfect for providing the stability that new users need when using their longboard.
  • 39 x 9.4 x 6 – This is the measurement of the longboard and this may be perfect for a lot of people.
  • 78A Urethane Wheels – This will make sure that it can be used in various terrains although it is recommended to use this for smoother terrains to make the wheels last longer.
  • Full Coverage Grip Tape Top – Wondering how easy it will be for you to balance while using this product? You know that this can be easy to do because of this feature.

Do remember that this is one longboard that is meant specifically for cruising. If you are searching for a longboard that you can use for doing tricks, this longboard may not have the specifications that you are searching for.

Pros and Cons of the Product

Getting to know the pros and cons of the product is important. There is a need for you to realize what the product can provide and what the product will not be able to offer. Sometimes, the pros are enough to make you forget the cons. Here are some of the pros and cons of the product:


• Perfect for Beginners - If you are a beginner and you would like to choose your first board, you know that this is the best one for you to try. You will be able to manoeuvre it easily as this is easy to control.
• Great Design - Searching for a board that you will be proud to use because of its cool design? You know that this is something that you will appreciate a lot. The colours that are on the board will never fail to stand out.
• Easy to Make Adjustments - There will be times when you will be required to make adjustments with the wheels or maybe even the trucks. Unlike in other longboards wherein you need step by step instructions on how you can make adjustments, this board will be easy to adjust and will spare you the trouble of trying to figure out what to do next.
• Comes Already Assembled - If this is your first board, it can be complicated to try assembling a board for the first time. Since this is already assembled when you get it, you can already use it when you get it.
• Great Quality of the Deck - Worried that you will have a longboard that will breakdown after you have used it for a certain period of time? This is not something that you have to worry about anymore when you check this out.


• Painting May Chip Easily - This would depend on where you are going to use the board but if you would often use it when the roads that you are traveling on have water splashes or when the weather is not that good, paint may chip off easily. Paint may also chip off because of overuse.
• Wheels May Need Immediate Replacement - Again, this will highly depend on how you are going to use the board but some have already reported that they needed to change the wheels immediately as the wheels will not allow them to move the longboard anymore.
• May Crack - Depending on the type of tricks that you are going to do while using this longboard, there is a chance that it will suddenly crack. This is not something that you would like to experience at present time.

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Based on the things that are mentioned above, you can tell that Atom Pintail Longboard is probably one of the longboards that you should consider getting. It is priced just right and this is perfect for a lot of beginners who would like to try riding their longboards for the first time. Are you already sold on the idea of purchasing this longboard? Do not miss your chance and purchase it while there are still supplies available.


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