Best Longboards for Girls

Long boarding is another excellent sport for the adrenaline seekers which is easier than skateboarding while still affording the same cruising thrill. Long boarding is a sport that is enjoyed by mostly snow boarders, surfers, skiers and any person who seeks the thrill of feeling free. Although there is still prejudice against girls long boarding, it is apparent that girls too can be quite as amazing at it as their counter parts the boys. This fact has brought the number of professional female skaters to an all time high which further affirms they too can enjoy the sport. This explosion of girl skaters has also led to an expansion in the field of manufacturing long boards specially made for girls.

A long board is not just a long skate board as may be assumed since it has features that make it differ. A long board is beginner friendly due to the bigger softer wheels which offer smoother rides than skate boards. When choosing a long board factors like the length, the flexes and the width should be put to consideration. Most importantly the type of long board one is seeking and its use can make choosing much easier. Long boards can be either; cruiser long boards, free ride long boards, and downhill long boards.

Top 5 Best LongBoards for Girls

1.Yocaher Punked Stained Pintail Complete Board

2. Atom Pintail Longboard

3.Atom Drop-Through Longboard 41 inch

4.The Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Board

5.Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard (44-Inch)

Five Best LongBoards for Girls

1.Yocaher Punked Stained Pintail Complete Board

The pintail teardrop that make up the Yocahers Punked deck, make it ideal for beginners since it hinders the board from touching the wheels. No issues can be encountered while riding downhill with this board due to its wheels which are made to withstand all manner of shocks. An added feature of efficient ABEC 7 bearings serves as a boost for fast movement. High quality, easy to ride, exceptional wheels and great value for money are some of the benefits a rider will derive by acquiring this board.





2.Atom Pintail Longboard

The atom pintail long board is a quality board that is ideal for any beginner longing for the thrill that comes with the sport. The classic deck shape ensures no wheel bite is felt and the pin tail is great for cruising speeds with safety of the rider assured due to the combination of a wide wheel base that enhances stability. The affordability and the comfort that comes with the Atom Pintail Long board coupled with its quality, has made it famous world over. It is availed in different colors with the flexibility of adding attraction by changing different parts to spot different colors. The dimensions of the board together with the bearings, offer high performance making it a ideal for the hard curving and advanced riders. Needless to say, numerous benefits are to be enjoyed on acquiring the atom pintail long board; high performance, easy curving, fantastic wheeling and the suitability for both the beginners and advanced riders a plus.

3.Atom Drop-Through Longboard 41 inch

This long board is perfect for entry level riders with no previous experience riding a board and comes at an affordable rate too. Maximum stability is guaranteed by the super low riding board which enhances downhill curving to an excellent greatness by lessening wheel bite. Each turn is leveraged perfectly by the exclusive perimeter shape of 9.6 inches feature. It also bears aluminum trucks that measure 8.5 inches wide, which provide for stability and durability. The features of the Atom Drop Through board are ideal for girls seeking to start long boarding as well as anyone looking for the perfect board to cruise with around town. The pros of using the atom drop through are numerous; uniquely shaped perimeter, urethane wheel ideal for all floor surface, a full maple laminate deck, bearing, maneuverability, stability, affordability and a 1 year warranty from the manufacturers.

4.The Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Board

The Yocaher is made to offer its riders a fantastic ride due to the great touches it comes with. It provides the user a fast but smooth cruise due to the enhanced decent turning radius that offers good stability. This board’s design that features a pintail enhances the ride further and makes it impossible to touch the wheels making it ideal for beginners. The wheels are made to absorb all manner of shocks, making it safe for use in downhill rides. Better still the board can be boosted for faster movement with the addition of ABEC bearings to it. The Yocaher Board also features a maple deck of medium flex to serve as a stabilizer while the rider is cruising fast. This affordable board provide for several benefits due to the enhanced features; easy to ride, high quality bearing, exceptional wheel and great for professional riders.

5.Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard (44-Inch)

The creators of the quest super cruiser board paid attention to detail, a fact that is manifested in the little things that are incorporated for an ideal board, resulting in a state of the art board. A deck made from hardwood multi-ply maple depicts quality and the 7 inch aluminum trucks which found the seventy millimeter PDU wheel provides this board with a lot of stability as well. The board is able to support a great deal of weight while taking in plenty of shock without fear of buckling or breaking due to its sturdy trucks and wheel. The Quest is durable, affordable, performs pretty well and is ideal for anyone, whatever their size due to its length which measures up to 44 inches. This long board has earned global respect from all its users due to the benefits derived; excellent cruising capacity, deck of choice, a lovely design, amazing maneuver capability and very comfortable wheels.

Note For Girls When Using Longboards

Are you a girl who is interested in riding the longboard? This is not something that you have to worry about at present time because there are a lot of of longboards with designs that are perfect for girls. Girls are becoming interested in longboarding because it can be the perfect exercise that they need. At the same time, it looks cool. Girls can look amazing when they are doing tricks with the use of their longboards.

It is important to remember that the tips and tricks that boys can do can also be done by girls as long as girls would follow some safety tips when they are doing tricks with the use of their longboards:

  • Be Patient – Like with a lot of things in this world, some tricks will take time before they are mastered completely. Be patient and just practice. It will all pay off in the end.
  • Learn the Basics First – Get to know the basic things that you need before doing more complicated tips and tricks.
  • Enjoy – If girls would be too serious about longboarding that it will not be fun anymore, this will completely change the way that longboarding is supposed to be. Let loose a little and enjoy. Having fun can make a huge difference on how the longboard tricks will be done.

Staying safe is necessary although a few scrapes and scratches can be considered normal in the world of longboarding.


Girls can now enjoy long boarding despite the prejudice that has surrounded the sport. However, it is important for them to choose the ideal board which will depend on their body, style and also their preference for an excellent experience on the board. Beginners in long boarding should always opt for boards that are ideal for that level and as mastery is achieved as they advance in the sport, more advanced boards can be acquired. The above boards form the best list of long boards ideal for girls who are interested in long boarding and are affordable.

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