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Best Longboards for Girls

Long boarding is another excellent sport for the adrenaline seekers which is easier than skateboarding while still affording the same cruising thrill. Long boarding is a sport that is enjoyed by mostly snow boarders, surfers, skiers and any person who seeks the thrill of feeling free. Although there is still prejudice against girls long boarding, […]

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Longboards for Beginners

Longboarding is gaining popularity right now as a type of sport that people can do. This is somewhat similar to skateboarding and in fact, skateboarders are not having as much trouble with this as true longboard beginners who have no previous experience with any type of boards before. The longboard can come in various forms. […]

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Best Longboard Brands for You

You have to know that choosing the best longboard brands can be a hard task to do especially when you get to check out all the longboards that you have to consider. You might be surprised to know that these longboards have various features that can fit your different needs. As the need and the […]

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