How to Choose Longboard Trucks


One of the easiest things that you have to decide on when you choose the items that you are going to place on your longboard is the trucks. A lot of longboards have reverse kingpins because this is more stable. With reverse kingpin trucks, people are able to do carving better and can also make turns better on the road. The only issue that people may have with reverse kingpin trucks is they have a tendency to be higher on the road.

Aside from the reverse kingpin and kingpin that will be discussed further later on, there are several factors that you have to consider when you are choosing the right longboard trucks. Get to know the various factors now so that you can choose your trucks immediately.

Truck Width

If you are feeling confused about the width of the trucks that you are going to choose, remember that they should be close to the width of your longboard. The more that the width of your trucks match with the width of your longboard, the more outstanding the performance of your board.

If ever you do choose trucks that are a little bit too wide or too narrow for your longboard, this will not be a serious problem but generally, it is better if you are going to choose trucks that are wider than narrower to be sure about what you are going to get. Take note that it can be hard to purchase trucks online because various companies have their own sizing chart. It may be best to choose trucks that are the same with the brand of your longboard so the measurements will be the same. Otherwise, you may end up with trucks that are too narrow or too wide for you.

If you are having trouble with choosing between narrow trucks and wide trucks, remember that narrow trucks are more responsive while wide trucks are more stable. Consider what truck width you are going to choose depending on how you usually use your longboard.

Standard or Reverse Kingpin

How will you know if the longboard that you are considering has reverse or standard kingpin trucks? You cannot just assume or just ask someone who does not know. Reverse kingpin trucks have trucks that are facing outwards so when you look at the bottom of the longboard, the trucks are facing towards you. Standard kingpin trucks on the other hand has trucks that are facing inwards.

It has been mentioned earlier that there are differences with longboards that make use of standard and reverse kingpin trucks. Basically if you love using your longboard to cruise around, it is best that you choose a longboard with reverse kingpin trucks because you will be able to maneuver your trucks easily but you may also search for trucks that come with the standard kingpin although trucks like this are already harder to find.

Sometimes it does not matter that much if you are going to choose a standard or reverse kingpin as long as you will keep track of all the other parts of your longboard. You may do some upgrades or make sure that you will adjust other parts of your longboard appropriately and you will not have any problems. If you are planning to do a lot of upgrades, reverse kingpins may be the better option because there are more options available that will work well with the bushings and other parts of your longboard that will be affected by your choice.

One thing that is evident regarding standard and reverse kingpins is how far away you are from the ground. When you have a standard kingpin, your longboard will have the tendency to be lower and having reverse kingpins will cause your board to be a bit higher. It will depend on you which one you think helps you balance better.

Just a note of advice, if you have a longboard with a kick tail, it is best to choose standard trucks because the response will be greater. If you have a normal longboard and you like going downhill to race or just to feel the wind on your hair and skin, you can choose reverse kingpins.

Truck Sizes

The size of the kingpin trucks that you are going to choose will depend on how large your longboard is. If you want a standard kingpin truck, it will be hard to find one that will fit a large board. If the size of your board is small to medium, then you can easily find standard kingpin trucks that fit. If you have a large board however which means that the length is about 42” and above, it will be a better option to choose reverse kingpin trucks instead.


When you choose reverse kingpin trucks, there is more variety when it comes to the bushings. Wide and open bushings will make the hangers of your trucks move better because they will not be restricted. This means that it will be easier for you to do carving and free styling. This is more ideal if you are going to ride slow because you are into doing more tricks.

Of course, if you are not after doing tricks and you are after the speed of your longboard, the bushings that you should choose should be more restrictive. While you may not get too much thrill when you are riding slowly, you know that once you ride fast, the difference will be extraordinary.

Base Plate Angle

You may not know what a base plate angle is. This is the part where your hanger will be set up. The most common base plate right now is 50 Degrees base plate but you will find a lot of other varieties that can give different types of ride.

  • 50 Degree Base Plate - This will give your longboard a bit more height and you will be able to turn your longboard easily.
  • Lower than 50 Degree Base Plate - This is a bit lower than the common base plate so it will be a it harder to make turns but it can be easier for you to just use it for straight roads. This type of base plate will allow your longboard to be more stable the faster that you go.

Did you learn a lot about longboard trucks? Hopefully the details that you have learned can be used to help you in making decisions now.


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