How to Choose Longboard Wheels

How to Choose Longboard Wheels

When it comes to the variety and sizes of longboard wheels, you know that you will feel a bit overwhelmed in the beginning because there is a lot that you have to consider and to choose from. This is one of the most important parts of your board because this allows you to move with ease. The size and the variety of wheels that you are going to choose will determine how fast you will move. Typical longboard wheels are made out polyurethane as base and then they are fixed into a variety of different sizes, colors and durability to help you choose which one you want for yourself. The wheels of the longboard are usually softer and larger than the typical skateboard. This is the reason why a lot of people choose longboards over a skateboard because they know that they can move faster than ever. If you do not know anything about longboard wheels, it will be hard for you to choose which one you are going to place on your longboard. Let us tackle all of the factors that you should consider when it comes to choosing the longboards that you need.

1/Wheel Diameter

If you are wondering if you are going to choose small wheels or large wheels, think about this: longer longboards can work better if they have larger wheels while shorter longboards can have smaller wheels. A lot of people still prefer larger wheels over smaller ones probably because the ride is smoother but even if you want to have large wheels, it will not work if your longboard is short.

These are some of the important things to remember:

  • If you have a longboard that is over 40” you should choose a wheel with a size that ranges from 70 - 75mm.
  • If you have a medium sized longboard, (around 34” - 42”) you can choose a smaller wheel than usual. Just remember that if you want speed, it is best to stick with one of the larger sizes in the wheel category as this will help you pick up speed and move faster. If you are after the ability to push yourself while longboarding, it is okay that you go with a smaller wheel. Once again, it will depend on your preference.
  • If you have a short deck, which means that you have a deck that is about 34” and below, you should go with smaller wheels. The reason for this is because you do not want to make your board too top heavy.

2/Longboard Durometer

Are you aware what durometer refers to? This is the hardness of the wheel. If you are going to choose a harder wheel, you know that this is going to be faster but a softer wheel will be able to grip the ground properly. The hardness or softness of the wheel will depend on how you use your longboard. Do you like to use your longboard for cruising or for doing tricks? Knowing what you can do will make a lot of difference.

There is a meter that you can refer to so that you will know how soft or hard the wheels are:

  • 78a - 87a - This is the soft wheel and it is meant to go through rough surfaces with ease. The softer the wheel is, the smoother the ride is going to be. You will not have a lot of trouble with the cracks and pebbles that you will find on the road.
  • 88a - 95a - This is a slightly harder variation of wheel and although the grip is not as good as softer varieties, this can still grip some types of roads and pavements well. This is the best wheel durometer to choose if you love cruising around.
  • 96a - 99a - Obviously this is the hardest type of wheel and it will give you the ability to go around properly. It will give you the speed that you are searching for. This is best used for a lot of smooth surfaces.


Wheel Shape

You cannot choose the right wheel if you are not going to check out the shape of the wheel. You may initially think that all of the wheel sizes are just round but there are slight differences that will make a huge difference when you are using the wheel on your longboard. Once again, the way that you are going to use your longboard will be a huge factor on what shape of the wheel you are going to choose.

Here are the wheel shapes that you have to consider:

  • Beveled Edge - This is the type of wheel that is not flat all over but you know that you cannot call them round too. This comes with a contact patch on the side which can make it easier when you are doing some turns.
  • Rounded Edge - If you know that you are going to do some carving and sliding, this is the best one for you to choose. This will not cause a lot of friction while you are using it on the pavement so you would be able to drift properly.
  • Square Edge - It is evident that the edge of the wheels are square. This is the shape of the wheel that you want if you want your wheels to grip the pavement properly. This is best used if you love racing and going downhill or if you find speed to be extremely important when you are riding.

There are still a lot more that you have to consider when you are choosing the right wheels for your longboard. The designs and colors that are available will help you determine the wheels that will look great with the rest of your longboard. You can always check out the variety of longboard wheels available at different stores before you make a decision. Hopefully the details mentioned earlier are enough to help you understand what type of longboard wheels you are searching for.



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