How to Clean Longboard Bearings

I am pretty sure that different longboard bearings can last for a good, long while. You do not need to do a lot to maintain the quality of your bearings and yet, whenever you ride through different puddles, it is recommended that you will re-grease your bearings. If you would not do this, your longboard bearings will start to rust and they will not be too useful anymore.

If you are planning to improve the look of your bearings, you first have to pay attention to the current condition of your bearings. Are they worth cleaning? There are some bearings that are too damaged that cleaning them will not make any improvement.

What I do with most of my longboards is I keep the standard bearings that come with the longboard when I purchase it. I use the standard bearings whenever I have to ride through the rain or mud so that the usual bearings I use when the weather is fine will not be affected. You can do what I do or you may do your own thing. The most important things that you have to learn is how to clean your longboard bearings.

What You Will Learn From This Article

I have heard some people say that they have never tried to clean their bearings. I have also heard others describe what they do in order to clean. I cannot help but cringe with their descriptions because they are doing it all wrong. I do not want you to make mistakes when cleaning because it will affect your bearings and your whole longboard after some time.

Here are some of the things that you will learn from this article:

  • How you can remove your bearings
  • Removing the bearing shields from your longboard
  • How you can clean your longboard bearings properly
  • The way that you can re-grease your longboard’s bearings
  • Putting your longboard bearings back on your board

Aside from the materials that you will use, you have to allot a bit of time, some patience and a whole lot of concentration in order to clean your bearings effectively. Now is not the time for you to just settle for whatever you can do. You can always change clean your bearings well if you would make the effort to do so.

Are you already excited to know how you can effectively clean your longboard bearings? What are you waiting for? You can start reading now.

The Things You Need

You may be rearing to know the details so you can start cleaning your bearings but before you do so, you need to have all the right items in order to clean your longboard’s bearings. The items you need are the following:

  • Rag
  • Knife Blade
  • Solvent
  • Tray
  • Light Grease

Now that you know what you need, remember that it is best to clean your bearings in a place that is well lit so that you can see them appropriately. It is also best if you can have an extra set of bearings prepared so that in case your bearings are beyond cleaning anymore, you can put the new set of bearings easily.

How You Can Remove Your Bearings



  1. Remove the nut from the axle.
  2. Removing will be similar to removing the bottle cap of a beer bottle.
  3. Slide the wheel from the axle and leave the innermost bearing on the edge.
  4. Remove the bearing from the wheel.
  5. Do the same for all.

Removing the Bearing Shields from Your Longboards



Now that you have already removed the bearing from your longboard, you need to remove the shields. I consider this more complicated than removing the bearings and you will be lucky if you only need to remove one longboard shield but most likely, you need to remove more than one to effectively clean your longboard’s bearings.

  1. If you have a rubber shielded bearing, simply slide off the shield with the use of a screwdriver.
  2. If you have a metal shielded bearing, you need to locate and remove the “C” clip.
  3. It will be your choice if you also want to remove the ball and the cage so that you can clean them individually but personally, I think that it is not always necessary.

Start Cleaning



Once you have already removed the different parts, you can start cleaning.

  1. Make sure that you have all the materials needed for cleaning your bearings.
  2. Take note of all the dirt and grease that have gotten stuck on your bearings.
  3. Remove the dirt and grease with the use methylated spirit. There was a time when I did not have methylated spirit so what I used instead is alcohol.
  4. Using a spray-on degreaser, you can get rid of the grease that are stuck on your bearings. Of course, if you want to use something homemade, you can use lemon instead.
  5. You need to place all of your removed bearings in a tray with a solvent in order to clean them further.
  6. Wait 2 – 5 minutes until you think that the bearings are truly clean.

Placing the Grease Back on the Bearings




Remember that before you grease back your bearings, you need to ensure that they are dry.

  1. You can dry your bearings with the use of a hair dryer.
  2. It will be essential to place grease or oil on the bearings again but do not place too much because this will make the bearings crazy.
  3. If in case you are not sure why you need to re-grease, it is because your bearings may break down without any lubricant.
  4. Choosing the right lubricant can make a big difference.

Putting Your Longboard Bearings Back



Now that you have already cleaned your bearings properly, it is time for you to put them back so that you can hit the road again or maybe not. Why else would you be able to have time to clean your bearings if the weather is good? To put your bearings back, do the following:

  1. Put the bearing cap on the ring portion of your bearing.
  2. Place all the bearing on the bearing ring.
  3. You need a screwdriver in order to spread the ball bearings out.
  4. Put the ribs on the back of bearing.
  5. Push the balls, the bearings will naturally go back in.
  6. Line up all the parts and place them appropriately.
  7. The bearing will be ready to be used again.

If in case you are still confused with how you are going to return your bearings, just do everything listed in this tutorial in a reversed order.


Now that you have already heard the different things that you can do in order to clean your bearings, I am sure that you just want to start riding your longboard again. Who doesn’t? I would like to ride mine again but I have to finish this article.

Hopefully, you have liked the things that I shared with you. Feel free to hit up this article with comments or perhaps you may give other suggestions on how you have cleaned your bearings too.

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