A Guide to Buying Your Very First Longboard

first_buyAre you new to longboarding? You might have gotten the bug after seeing some people longboard so well that you wanted to be just like them. Seeing how well people have handled the longboard has made you more determined to purchase your very own longboard.

You have to remember that purchasing the right longboard is not something that can be done immediately. There are different things that would need to be considered and you also have to gain more knowledge about each aspect that you are going to consider so that you can narrow down your search and ultimately purchase the right longboard for you.

Types of Longboard

Being familiar with the longboard types will help you make a decision with what longboard you would like to have.

  1. Cruiser Longboard

This is the type of longboard that you can use if you would like to be able to go from one place to another with the use of your own longboard. This is the type of longboard suitable for going to your friend’s house or even grabbing something to eat from a convenience store or fast food.

  1. Freeride Longboard:

This is the type of longboard that you would like to get if you are already a professional longboarder and have already tried your luck with doing some neat tricks that beginners will not be able to enjoy. This type of longboard is highly technical and can be controlled easier than the cruiser longboard.

  1. Downhill Longboard:

This is the type of longboard that is usually chosen by professionals, those who would love to cruise through hills and even flatlands. This type of longboard is usually very fast and it can be too fast for some people who are just beginners.

Length of Boards:

You will be surprised to know that longboards do not have a standard size. They may come in different sizes and it will be up to you to decide which one you think you will need the most. In order to help you in choosing, longer longboards are usually more stable than shorter ones.

You may opt to get a longer board if you are a beginner so that you can balance better but do remember that you can choose the length of the longboard based on what your current preference is or what you think will work best for you.

Deck Style:


You have to remember that the deck style of the longboard that you are going to choose will matter.

  • Downhill Deck – This is the type of deck built specifically to be ridden through more difficult terrains and roads that may go up and down. They are usually very stiff so that the speed can be increased steadily.
  • Flexible Deck – This is a type of deck usually present in longboard that can be used for cruising. They are designed to help you enjoy your going around various areas and cruising. They are not recommended to be used for making various stunts.


The brand of the longboard that you are going to choose can also be important. There are some brands that are better known. They may have a better reputation because of the features that it can offer or some brands may be best known for their quality or their affordability. The brand that you will choose may depend on your preference but you also have to give considerations on the reviews that you will read about the brand online.


You may not think that this is important in the beginning when you are just checking out the various longboards that are available but the price will matter a lot since you will usually set a budget that you can spend on the longboard. If you choose the longboard with the right price, you do not need to worry about paying for it in the long run.


224163526Based on the things that you have learned about the longboard so far, do you think that you already have enough details to make the right choice? Think about the things mentioned above and at the same time, you can also choose the design that you like the most to have a great looking longboard you can be proud of.


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