How to 360 Flip

If you have been skateboarding for a long period of time then you know for sure that doing a 360 Flip is just one of the things that you have to try. This is one of those tricks that not a lot of people will get to attempt immediately.


This is quite advanced and complicated as it is a flip trick. This requires the board to rotate 360 degrees in order to complete the flip. When you see other people do it, you might think that it is easy but once you start doing it, that is when the trouble starts.

You have to know how you can truly do it without just basing it on the videos that you see. You have to know where you should place your feet, how you should position your legs and all the various things that you have to do. You will not be able to do things on your own especially if no expert will lend you any help.

Some Positions You Need to Know

It does not mean that just because you have been riding your skateboard for a long period of time guarantees that you will be able to accomplish the 360 Flip. There are certain positions that you have to know so that it will be easier to accomplish.


  • Skateboarding – It is already obvious why this is required because you need to ride the skateboard first before you can execute the 360 flip. It you would try doing the flip without knowing how to skateboard, you know for sure that you will not be able to execute anything. Skateboarding will also allow you to have more balance at the same time, it will give you a sense of awareness regarding where the board is.


  • Kickflip – This is the process wherein you kick the board in order to let it go up in the air. The skateboard may flip once or more than once before it goes back to the ground.


  • Pop Shuvits – There are some skaters who say that knowing how to do the pop shuvits can be helpful but some think that you need skateboarding and kickflips more in order to accomplish the 360 Flip.

Learning The Jump

You have to remember that the jump you are going to do is similar to the scissor kick only, the positioning of your feet will be different. You can practice the jump until you are sure that you are doing it correctly. Once you are sure, the next step is to lean where you are going to place your feet.

Learning The Positions

Like in all skateboarding tips, you have to know first what is the foot that you usually put forward because this time, you will be placing your front foot in a kick flip stance. It has to be positioned in a 45 degree angle. Check if your foot is aligned with the front bolts because they have to be about 2 inches away. The foot that you are going to place on the tail of the skateboard will help you out a lot in making the flip.

Obviously, when you move around a bit, you will be using the foot that you are going to place at the back portion of the board in order to make the flip possible. You may have to tilt your back foot in order to get a good position for the spin.

It does not mean that just because you already know the positioning of your feet, you would be comfortable enough doing it. This position may seem weird in the beginning and it can take time getting used to so make the effort to practice and try it out before executing the 360 degree flip.

Making the 360 Flip

Once you have already gotten your stance and your positioning in order, you already need to try your luck in doing this trick. Using the foot at the back, you can pop the board and make it spin at the same time. The key here is doing the scoop. This is the type of kick that you are going to do to your board to make it spin correctly.

The jump that you are going to do is the scissors kick that was mentioned earlier. Remember that you would have to jump just enough to let your board spin and just enough for you to get back at your board to continue riding. When you do a clean 360 Flip, you will land on your board and still continue moving. Of course, if you do not do it properly, you may end up being on the ground or not catching your board.

You can surely showcase your ability to skateboard by knowing exactly when is the proper time for you to get back at your board. It will happen so fast yet you will have the instinct to know when you should be back on your board. If in case you are still not that good in estimating, you have to base it on the grip tape. If you have done this trick so many times, you know that you need not wait for the grip tape anymore. You just need to know when you would be landing on your board.

When you land, you have to make sure that your knees are bent. This will lessen the pressure that you will be placing on your board and at the same time, will not stop your board from moving so that you can continue cruising like as if nothing happened.

One problem that you have to overcome when landing after doing the 360 Flip is landing with your feet too close together. You have to keep your feet spread out which means that you have to land above the bolts. You may need to practice this a bit before you get the hang of it. Remember that this is not an easy trick to do and it is very likely that you will not be able to do it immediately but as you practice more, you will get better at it.


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