How to Ollie on a Longboard Skateboard the Easiest Way Tutorial

The first thing that you have to remember before you do the Ollie on your longboard skateboard is you ought to make sure that you already have the right longboard skateboard that you are going to use for a long period of time.

You have to remember that the selection of longboards that are available can make it very hard for people to choose but the moment that you see some that you especially like, you know that working with that longboard will be easier to accomplish in the long run.


The Preparation

In order to do the Ollie, you need to make sure that you are physically prepared for it so that you can do this with ease. You may want to do some stretching and exercise that will allow you to extend the muscles of your knees. You may have to extend your pushing foot too so that the other muscles will be worked out properly.

The Ollie

Some make the mistake of thinking that the Ollie is something that can be done easily and immediately because it appears to be like you are taking a jump off from your back leg. This is not true at all, rather what you would need to do is to jump off your longboard, use the push foot in order to make the tail pop out. This will allow you to catch the board with your hands. You have to admit that it looks so cool especially when you see other people doing it.

Learning How to Do the Ollie Easily

Here are the steps that you have to follow so that you can try doing the Ollie easily:

  1. Make sure that you already know how to balance on your longboard skateboard. It will be easier for you if you know how to balance before doing the Ollie.
  2. Place your front food towards the middle portion of the longboard while you place your pushing foot towards the end of the longboard. You can check if you are stable by doing the seesaw effect wherein your push foot will be pushing the longboard downwards as the front portion moves.
  3. Once you know that you are able to do this, what you can do is you need to crouch your knees so that you will be getting pressure underneath the board so that the board can move as well. If you are able to achieve the Ollie easily, this does not mean that you will be able to do it continuously with ease.

Doing the above mentioned tips all over and over again will allow you to know exactly what to do when you would like to make this trick.

Some Tips to Remember

Here are just some of the tips that will ultimately help you decide on how you are going to do the Ollie easily:

  • Remember to avoid collisions with other longboards. At the same time you can increase the amount of time that you will use to practice with the longboard.
  • The Ollie will take practice. A lot of people have said that it took them months before they were able to perfect their Ollie and they are still unable to perfect this any time.
  • Trying to make use of items that will keep you safe will allow you to practice better because you will be allowed to do things that you normally do not do.

Now that you already know the various tips on how you can learn how to do Ollie with ease, you have to pay attention to the help that will be extended towards you by other people regarding your longboard. You are not recommended to do the Ollie if you are just starting out because you may be more prone to various accidents as you do not have enough experience just yet.

Knowing how to do the Ollie is easy but making sure that you will be able to execute it with ease is something that you cannot always count on. Once again, remember that you need to be physically fit in order to do the Ollie as well. You can practice doing this often and in no time at all, you will know how to do the Ollie like a pro.


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