How to Pump Longboard/Skateboard

Have you ever searched online about how to pump longboard/skateboard? Chances are you have seen videos and images of people doing it but there weren’t a lot that were able to explain what exactly they were doing and how they did it.

In order to become an expert in pumping your longboard/skateboard, you have to brace yourself for learning. You are going to learn a lot of details. You just cannot expect that you will immediately be good at it especially if you have just received your board. Some people think that pumping is easy and they find out the hard way when they try it out.

Modern day pumping of your very own board has already evolved from the type of technique that was done before. It can now propel people to new heights and can even reach wider and longer distances than before. It is all about technique and how a skater is able to balance and control the board properly.

At this point in time, you may not want anything more than to learn how you can pump your longboard/skateboard. You are in luck because by reading this tutorial, you are going to find the details that you are searching for. After you have mentioned all the things that are mentioned here, you will see that this is an easily accessible technique you can do when you want to.

What You Can Expect to Get From This Tutorial

There are certain things that you will learn when you read this tutorial. You can expect to gain details about the following:

  • The set up of your longboard/skateboard in order to make it effective for pumping.
  • Discovering how you can do the pump
  • How to do basic pumping
  • Your pumping stance
  • Some tips on how to do pumping effectively

You must be excited to know the different things you can learn and do so that you can start pumping. Without further ado, learn more about pumping now.

How to Set Up Your Longboard/Skateboard



If in case you are serious about setting up your longboard/skateboard before you try pumping, remember that preference can change from one person to another. The set-up that you will learn here is the basic set-up but you can make some alterations to it whenever you see fit.

  1. Look for high rebound wheels that can withstand different types of terrain. It is best to search for 78a because this is an all around type of wheels.
  2. Choose wheels depending on the distance that you want to travel while pumping. If you are a beginner and you are only going to do short distance, choose 60 – 70mm. The wheels may go higher as you increase your distance.
  3. Search for trucks that will allow you to turn with ease for the front. Search for stable trucks for the back portion of your board.
  4. If your bearings are dirty, it is time to clean and re-grease them now.
  5. Your deck should be wide enough for you to try this trick.
  6. 26” – 31” will be the ideal size for your wheelbase.
  7. Your whole board should be a bit flexible. If it is too stiff, it will be hard for you to make tricks.

Discovering How You Can Pump


A lot of people who would like to try pumping usually start by seeing different videos online. This is right, there is just something about videos that makes thing easier to imitate especially if you would watch the video several times.

  • You can expect that you will try out how to pump several times and will fail.
  • The time will come when you will discover how to do it right.
  • All you need to do is to repeat the same process again.
  • You can expect to sweat because you might not know in the beginning how you can make some movements.
  • It can be different for everyone and it can be interesting to know how you have discovered how to pump.

How to Do Basic Pumping

Now that you already know what to expect when you do pumping, HOW are you going to pump? Here are some things to remember:

  1. You first have to know where you are going to place your feet.
  2. Your stance will depend on what you are comfortable in. Put more weight into rear.
  3. Remember that your steering should be done with your front foot.
  4. You would have to put your hands on your side as it will help you keep your balance while moving.
  5. Make your board move as usual and start pumping.

Admittedly, the things that are mentioned above are easier said than done. You may have to focus on doing the different steps several times before you will be able to get it.

Your Pumping Stance

You have to know by now that there is more than one pumping stance especially if you have watched several videos already. You can try all until you find one that you are most comfortable in.

Parallel Stance



  1. The feet should be positioned towards the center of the board.
  2. The feet should be closer together as compared to other pumping stance.
  3. The arms should be placed in front. It can be similar to holding ski poles to help you balance when you are skiing.

Running Stance


  1. Place your feet as if they are almost pointing forward.
  2. You have to shift your body from side to side in order to make this stance work well for you.
  3. The motion of your arms would be like you are rocking something on your hands. It will help you keep your balance further as you move around.

Surf Stance


  1. Make sure the foot angles are 45 degrees in front and 90 degrees towards the rear.
  2. Once you have gotten it correctly, you will feel that you are “locked” in your board.
  3. Your hands may have to be on your sides and will sway with your every move.

Out of all the different pumping stances that are mentioned above, which one do you think you will try first? The surf stance is the most common type. In fact, most videos you will see show riders doing this stance the most.

Some Tips on How to Do Pumping Effectively


Now that you have learned about the basics of pumping. It is only common that you want to keep safe while you are doing some movements. Here are some tips that will allow you to do pumping with the use of your longboard or skateboard effectively:

  1. Remember to spend more time practicing than trying to learn how to do pumping well.
  2. Pumping can be harder if you are going to do it slowly.
  3. You may have to push more in the beginning until you get the hang of it.
  4. You may experience some pain on your arches but do not worry, you can move around your board so you will be able to balance your movement.
  5. Remember that your goal is to know how to do pumping well and your own way and not to get validation from other people who would also like to learn how to pump.


Did you enjoy the things that have been said about this tutorial? Perhaps you would like to share in the comments section below the things that you have learned. You may also have your own tips that will help others learn how to do pumping effectively. As long as you know your target, pumping can be done easily. Share this article if you like it, I will be looking forward to it.



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