How to Shuvit

There is a big possibility that you have been doing skateboarding for the past days, weeks or even months. In the beginning, the things that you were supposed to do were particularly hard. Even finding your stance and balancing on your skateboard took a lot of your time and effort but as you learned more about how to do it, you realized that your skill in skateboarding has already grown and you are ready to try new things.


There are a lot of skateboarding tricks that are available but you may want to do something that seems so complicated that people will not immediately know how to do it. If you want something that is a big more advanced, doing the shuvit can be a great trick that you can try. This is a neat trick that may look easy for some and hard for others and admittedly, this can be a bit complicated in the beginning but it will get better if you practice more.

You have to remember that the first time that you try how to do the shuvit, you may find it complex to make the board flip for the first time and to land on your board. You have to be patient at it even though you may feel weird doing it. After some time, it will begin to feel normal.

What is Shuvit

This is a type of trick wherein you use your back foot to flip your board 180 degrees. This is so subtle that some people may not even realize that you have already done it. This is considered to be one of the basic types of tricks because knowing how to do this trick will allow you to do more complicated tricks that require 360 degree flips in the long run.

Doing the Shuvit


Usually this involves pushing the tail portion of your skateboard with the use of your back foot. The hardest part in doing this type of trick is making sure that you will not place all of your weight in the middle of the board so that you will have the ability to flip your board appropriately. Remember that it can be a bit hard in the beginning but with practice, it will be easier to accomplish.

In order to learn the trick, put your skateboard in front of you and do not be afraid of it. Be excited about what you can do with it.

  1. The first thing that you have to do is make sure that you will make your skateboard run in a comfortable speed.
  2. The position of your feet should be similar to the ollie. The only difference is that you should not leave your foot hanging on the edge of the board. This will help you in scooping the board and letting it flip.
  3. You first have to find the right stance to pop your board so that it can flip in the right manner. Make sure that you will bend your knees appropriately so that your positioning will be perfect for the trick that you are about to do.
  4. Remember that you would need to guide your board so that it can flip appropriately.
  5. Do a light jump and push the board slightly towards the side so that it can flip well. Make sure not to push too strongly because you might not be able to do the trick well.
  6. Catch your board with your front foot before landing.
  7. You know that you were able to do the trick perfectly if you land with your board and you roll away with ease.

There are some people who become so good at doing the shuvit that they actually start to learn how to do it backwards. If you are not comfortable in doing this then you should not force yourself. If you are interested in trying this trick backwards, just roll your board in the wrong direction and do the trick as usual. If you would do it often, you will be good in doing the normal and the backward shuvit.

Some Tips in Doing the Shuvit


Like with all of the other tricks that you have to remember when it comes to skateboarding, remember that practice can always improve the way that you do the tricks. There are still other tips that will help you do the shuvit well.

  1. Never lose your body weight. You have to remember that the body weight should be placed in the middle of the board so that it will not be an issue. In all of the other tricks that you are going to do, you need your body weight.
  2. You may want to include shuvit in all the other tricks that you are going to do because there are different ones that you can do with the use of shuvit as a base.
  3. You may be scared to do some of the tricks in the beginning because it can be a bit hard to do. You may be scared that you will hurt yourself but this is just the same with all of the other tricks that you have done before. It may be hard in the beginning but you will improve as you try to do it more.
  4. Change it up from time to time. The moment that you become an expert in doing the shuvit, it can become boring. You can have various routines from time to time. Like mentioned earlier, shuvit can be the base of other tricks. You may want to do things differently from time to time.
  5. Practice with a friend. There is nothing more boring than practicing on your own. You need to be with a friend or even with a group of friends.

One of the mistakes of people is thinking that shuvit and pop shuvit is the same. This is not the case at all. Shuvit means that you are going to land together with your board. With pop shuvit, you may need to push your board a bit in front of you before you can land in the right position which is usually over the trucks.


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