How to Slide on a Longboard for Beginners

Have you decided that you would like to try longboarding? A lot of people who have done skateboarding in the past would like to try it out while other surfers who would like to try having a different experience on land may want to try longboarding as well.

Basically, your reason for wanting to try longboarding may differ from others but you know that you still want to do it. Upon checking out the various longboards that are available and finding the right longboard for you, the next step is to make sure that you will have all the necessary gear available to do longboarding safely. Once you have everything in order you can now start longboarding.

Do remember that practicing is always important. Even if you have watched videos of how you can slide using your longboard, it will still not be possible if you would not make the effort to practice what you have already seen.

Once you have already gotten to know the basics, what will most likely be one of the things that you would like to try is to slide. Learning how to side on a longboard for beginners may not be an easy task to do but this does not mean that it is not possible. There may be different slides that are available but it is important for you to focus on the most basic slide. Once you are able to do the basic slide, you will be able to try the other slides available.

277857056_rDoing the Basic Slide

You have to remember that in order to do the basic slide; you have to at least know how you can balance on your longboard. You also need to have the right equipment that will keep you safe as you attempt to make the slide. You may not do it correctly the first time but with constant practice and with the right gloves to protect your hands and helmet to protect your head, you will be able to achieve it eventually.

  1. Ride your longboard. Make sure that your speed will not be too fast or too slow. Try to make it as moderate as you possibly can. This might be a bit hard to do if you are riding downhill so it will be best if you can do it on roads that you are comfortable in.
  2. Place your toes correctly. They should be near the edge of the board. Your feet should also be wide apart so that you can keep your balance while you slide.
  3. Once you have already gotten the right posture, you need to crouch down. Make sure that you will lean forward too so that your weight will be placed in front as you get ready to slide.
  4. You would need to place your hands on the ground right in front of you if you are attempting a toe slide. If you would like to do a heel slide, you need to put your hands at the back of your board. Lift the heels of your feet away from your board as you make sure that your body will start to carve. You will slowly begin that your board will slow down and slide.
  5. In order to know if you have done the slide correctly, your board should glide in a 90 degree angle. If you are able to do it correctly, congratulations! If not, you can still do some attempts until you do it correctly.

One tip to remember is that attempting to do this slide without the right gloves can give you harm. It will give you burns caused by the friction of your hands on the road. Remember that learning how to slide correctly will take some practice sessions. You cannot expect that you will be able to do it immediately.

Having fun with the use of your longboard can be easy to do the moment that you are able to do basic things. Make sure that you will keep yourself safe while longboarding as you attempt to do the two types of slides as well as other possible tricks that you might want to try out in the long run.


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