How to Stop on a Longboard for Beginners

how to stopHave you ever seen people riding their longboard like there is not tomorrow? You may have felt in awe when you have first seen how people have ridden it so you would like to try it too. As a beginner, you may have thought that it was easy but the moment you tried it, you have realized that it is not quite as easy as you thought.

Continuous practice will allow you to ride your longboard with ease. There is a very big chance that after some time, you will start to feel the adrenaline rush every time you ride your very own longboard. There is just one problem though – you do not know how to correctly stop yet.

Stopping is not something that you will learn immediately. It might take some time and patience before you can master how you can stop. Then again, even those who already know how to stop can still get into accidents so brace yourself for that – it will truly be a learning experience.

Different Longboard Stops You Ought to Try

There are various longboard stops that are available at present time. There will be some that you will master more than others but you can be sure that once you get to choose the right one, you have nothing to worry about anymore.

  1. Footbraking

This is the type of stop that people use whenever they use their longboards. In order to make use of this stop, you need to lightly put your other foot on the ground and let your foot make your movement become slower until you eventually come to a full stop. Once you start learning other longboard stops, you may want to avoid doing this as it can break your shoes eventually.

  1. Speedbraking

If you do not want to ruin your shoes immediately but you know that you need to make your speed much slower than your usual speed, you can stand up on your longboard straight and put your arms out on your side. This will allow your speed to become slower although it may take some time.

  1. Carving

This is the type of speed usually done by longboarders if they are not comfortable with the type of speed that they are doing. Usually, this would let you to slow down depending on how wide the carves you are going to make are. If you would make wider carves, you can make your speed slower than before.

  1. Riding It Out

If in case the only reason why you would like to stop your speed is because you are a bit terrified with how fast you are going and not because your longboard is wobbling or you feel that one of the wheels is about to come off, you can just swallow your fear even for just a short while and ride it off. Chances are, there is nothing you should fear from the very beginning.

  1. Sliding

This is another recommended form of stopping when you are riding your longboard. This is also known to be one of the types of stops that you will only get to know once you become familiar with longboarding tips and techniques. This is an effective way to stop.


Other Stopping Methods

There are some stopping methods that people do but are not really recommended because they can be dangerous. Some of these stopping methods are the following:

  • Rolling – You can probably tell why this method is not recommended. It involves you going out of your longboard and rolling on the street, the pavement or whatever terrain your longboard is on. When you roll, you do not know if there are other vehicles around or where you can possibly roll on.
  • Spinning Out – This involves having to make the back portion of your longboard hit the road that you are boarding on in order to lessen the speed of your longboard. You can already tell why this is not recommended, this can definitely ruin your board easily.
  • Running – If you feel that you would like to get away from your longboard, you may attempt to jump off and run from your longboard. This has resulted to people having some bruises and wounds because they were not able to balance themselves properly in time.

With all of these stopping methods you should try and also some that you should not try, you will surely know how you can stop your longboard from.

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