Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite Complete Longboard, 9.25×36 Inch

Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite Complete Longboard, 9.25x36 Inch
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What do you usually look for when you are searching for the right longboard? Do you consider the style of the longboard? The great thing about longboards right now is that they are all appealing to the eye so if you are concerned about the design, you will not worry anymore the moment that you see all the appealing designs and styles available.
Of course, only basing your choice on the design may not be a wise choice. You have the option to get a longboard that looks great and can give you the type of performance that you are searching for at the same time. Why settle for something that only looks good when you can have a board that you can use for a long period of time?
When making the right choice, you have to consider what type of rider you are. Do you want to use the longboard to go to various places that are near your house? Perhaps you just want to use the longboard whenever you want to unwind. You may also want to learn some tricks and this is the reason why you are searching for a longboard. Your choice of how you are going to use it will largely determine what type of longboard you are searching for.
If in case you are still feeling confused with what you are going to choose, you may want to consider Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite Complete Longboard. This amazing looking board comes with a vibrant and colourful design that will surely catch your eye. Aside from its design though, do you think it has all the proper features that will allow you to use it well? Get to know more about this longboard now.

Specifications of the Product

You have to know now that this is the right longboard for you if you are a thrill seeker and if you like speed whenever you are riding your longboard. Getting to know more details about its various components as well as its quality will allow you to decide if this is truly the right longboard for you or not.

  • 71mm Diameter Wheels – This is equipped with 78a a durometer wheel which means that you can have absolute grip when you are using this longboard on the road.
  • 3 Pounds – If you would compare the weight of this longboard with others, it is evident that this is much lighter than the others. For sure, you will have a grand time carrying this around especially if you want to try out other places that are not too far from your home.
  • 8 Ply Maple Deck Construction – Do you want to have a board that is sturdy and strong? The fact that this is made out of maple deck will reassure you that this is perfect for your needs. This is resistant to temperature changes and can also improve your stability while you are riding it.
  • ABEC 7 Rated Bearings – You can tell that the stock bearings that come with this longboard are above average.
  • 7 Inch Black Reverse Kingpin Trucks – If you would like to do a lot of twists and turns then the trucks that come with this longboard will not disappoint you. The trucks are narrow which can make it easier to turn corners easily.


Pros and Cons of the Product

Now that you have already gained knowledge about the product’s specifications, why do you need to know its pros and cons? Sometimes, people have the tendency to expect too much from the product and when they realize that the feature is not being offered all along, this can make you feel disappointed. Get to know what it can offer and what its limitations are beforehand to help you out.


• Affordable Price - If you would compare the way that it looks plus all of the other key specifications of the board, the price is more affordable than others.
• Fast Acceleration - If you want speed then you will not be disappointed when you are using this longboard because this can accelerate fast because of the size of its wheels.
• Sturdy - Whenever you are using the longboard, you will feel safe because it does not seem to be the type that will suddenly crack while you are using it.
• Reverse Kingpin Trucks - This makes it ideal for going downhill or for just cruising around the area with ease.
• Stable - One of the main concerns that you may have when you are traveling at high speeds is how stable your board will feel. This should not cause any worries as this is one board that will allow you to feel stable and safe even when cruising downhill.


• Grip Tape - Some of the customers have already purchased this product have stated that the grip tape that comes with the board has come undone after a few months of use.
• Easily Chipping Paint - While the board itself is a sight to behold because of its vibrant deck, the pain may chip off especially when you accidentally splash it with water or when you use it in terrains that are not exactly smooth.
• Some Adjustments May Be Needed - In order to make the board more comfortable for you, there are some adjustments that you may be required to do like for instance, the trucks may have to be loosened a bit until you can use it with ease. You may also want to do some changes with its other components.

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It is evident based on the things that are mentioned above that Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite Complete Longboard may be one of the boards that you have to try when you are searching for the right longboard that looks amazing and can give you the speed that you are searching for. Do you think that the pros of this product outweigh the cons? If you believe so then you do not have to wait anymore.


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