How to Longboard Step by Step

Why have you become enticed to try the longboard? You may have different reasons for doing so. It may be because you have seen other people using their longboards and you felt the need to have the same rush that they are feeling too.

If you have used the skateboard in the past, there is a better chance that you will understand how to longboard sooner than actual beginners who have never used the skateboard before. Do remember that no matter what, you can be sure that a longboard can be a lot of fun to use and practicing will allow you to use your new longboard with ease.

  1. Make sure to choose the right longboard for you.

Do remember that there are so many longboards to choose from. In order to make it less complicated for you, you may choose to have a longboard that people are raving about or you may do your own research and choose one perfect for your needs. A beginner’s longboard may be your best option.

  1. Have all the right accessories.

When you are longboarding, you have to make sure that you will have all the right accessories available. It will be normal for you to take some bumps, scrapes and falls so you have to be protected as possible. You would need to have a helmet and the right shoes. If you would like to become even more protected, you may choose to have knee pads and elbow pads as well.

  1. Know what foot you will be using to lead you on longboarding.

The foot that people are going to use for longboarding can differ from person to person. The foot that you are comfortable in when you are riding or when you have to stop is the one that you will be using constantly.

  1. Start with riding on flat surfaces.

The surfaces that you have to right on should be easy to roll on first because you do not know yet how you can properly balance yourself. Make sure that you have enough space to go around especially if you would like to roll long distances too.


  1. Know the basic stance that you should have.

Remember that you would have to place your feet between the bearings of the wheels also known as the ‘trucks.’ You can angle the foot that you are more comfortable using forward so that you will know what direction you are travelling towards. After doing this stance, there may still be others you will get to know as you become more familiar with longboarding.

  1. Learn how you can balance more on the board.

Balancing on the board is not something that people can do easily. You may have to make sure that you will balance yourself well. It is only then that you can actually get to feel what people experience every time they use their longboards in order to ride.

  1. Move yourself forward.

There will be no point in longboarding unless you know how you can push yourself so that you can move yourself forward. This would involve having to place one of your feet down on the ground to push yourself forward. You may not realize this yet but this can be hard to do in the beginning.

  1. Start trying to turn and carve.

Once you get the hang of pushing yourself forward and balancing on your longboard, the next step that you have to accomplish is to make sure that you will be able to turn and carve. Turning is necessary especially if you are going to use your longboard to cruise around and you would need to know how to carve in order to lessen your speed when you are going too fast.

  1. Know how to stop the longboard.


There are always different ways on how you can stop your longboard. There are some safe ways on how you can stop but if you want something basic, using your foot to stop your board can be a great thing to do until such time when you can master other braking techniques.

  1. Remember to have fun.

The best tip that you have to remember once you master the basics of longboarding is you have to know how you can have fun. There will be moments when you will encounter some problems or longboarding will not be that easy for you but once you get the hang of it, you would search for the thrill that you get when you are riding it.


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