Prevent longboard accidents in a few simple steps

Although riding a longboard looks like a lot of fun, it can really be quite dangerous. Many people who ride longboards, unfortunately, learn this the hard way and they end up with injuries because of which they have to stop riding their longboards for a while, and some of them are even sent to a hospital as a result of being hurt. There are all kinds of injury prevention articles online and offline, not just about longboarding, to which people just passively nod their heads and continue minding their own business, but if you are a longboarder, you should really pay attention to this article. If you approach your hobby with responsibility, the fun moments will be a lot more enjoyable. So finish reading this article and learn how to prevent longboard accidents.

What you need

You don’t need a lot of material things to take care of your longboard or yourself. But then again, some of them can’t hurt. I’m talking about the gear to protect yourself – knee and elbow pads, a helmet and a pair of gloves. the other thing you need is just a little common sense, a clear mind and a dose of responsibility.

 Tip 1 – Wear the protective gear

If you wear your gear, you will feel safe even if you don’t put yourself at risk. This is the best way to prevent injuries even if you fall off your longboard. Your knee pads will protect your knees for getting scratches on injuries on them, elbow pads will to the same for elbows, and don’t underestimate the power of gloves – they can soften the blow if you fall on your hands. Although the gear is extremely important, so are other things.

Tip 2 – Take care of your longboard

If your longboard isn’t in a good shape, it can shut down when you need it and cause you to have an accident. Wheels not rotating properly or being inappropriately installed, trucks not being fixed as they should be, etc. need to be fixed and checked regularly. If you don’t have a skateboard shop near you or if you don’t feel comfortable with other people touching your longboard, you should watch tutorials and read articles on how to fix problems on your longboard and how to maintain it in a good shape.

Tip 3 – Don’t ride under the influence

What goes for driving cars also applies here – riding a longboard under the influence of alcohol increases your chances of getting hurt. It sounds so PC, but it’s better for your health, and taking care of your health makes you cooler than not taking care of it. The same goes with drugs  – don’t do any before you ride your longboard.

Tip 4 – Ride in empty parking lots and in the streets

This tip also says – don’t ride on sidewalks. It’s illegal in certain states and moreover, it tends to be crowded with people, bicycles and other longboards which makes riding of your longboard very difficult and puts you at risk. Besides, you can run into little children or dogs and hurt them. Instead, go to parking lots and ride in the streets. Parking lots are cool because you can free yourself without hurting anyone (still, be careful and wear your gear to prevent hurting yourself), and the streets are a lot wider. That being said, when you are in the streets, you are gonna have to respect the traffic rules and abide by them.

 Tip 5- Don’t wear headphones


From runners to bicycle riders to longboard riders, everyone wants to let music set their mood. But the music shuts out other sounds, which you need to prevent bumping into things and persons and ultimately prevent injuries. In other words, you have to be aware what’s in front and what’s behind you, and in order to do that, you have to also rely on your hearing. If not listening to music pains you too much, you can lower the volume and ensure you are constantly looking around you.

A lot of other things can be said on this subject, but I would say these are the basics. One should have at least some measures for preventing from getting injured, but most of all, you should be able to be responsible, disciplined and reliable. Click „like“ if you liked these tips and share them with others!


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