Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard (44 Inch)

Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard (44 Inch)
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Review Summary:

Searching for the right longboard can be a lot of hard work and this is because when you check out the number of longboards available, you cannot help but become confused with what you are going to choose.

When it comes to the right longboard, what are the things that you usually look for? Are you looking for a longboard that you can use until the time comes when you want to purchase something else or perhaps you want to have a longboard that you can use for a good, long while. The decision will be up to you but if in case you are having a hard time narrowing down your choices, you may want to check out Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard.

There is a good reason why this is one of the best selling longboards, it is because of how people immediately gravitate towards it and they like the way that it looks as well as the various features that the board can offer. Majority of the riders have already enjoyed this longboard. Perhaps you would like to know more about it so that you can also decide if this is the right longboard for you.

Features of the Product

5 Ply Super-Flex Artisan Bamboo and Hardwood – You can tell that the materials that are used in order to make the deck of the longboard are made of strong and sturdy materials to ensure that this longboard can be used for a long time.

  • 10 Inch Deck – For riders who are not too comfortable with having a deck that is not too wide, the 10” Deck of this longboard can be perfect. The fact that it is also 44” long can be preferred by a lot of riders.
  • 70x51mm Polyurethane Wheels – You can be sure that these wheels can be perfect for cruising especially when you plan on going downhill. They will also make sure that the ride will be smooth.
  • 7 Inch Aluminum Inverted Kingpin – No need to worry about the stability of the longboard in general because the trucks are meant to last.
  • Kick Tail – Wondering how you are going to accelerate easily? The fact that this comes with a kick tail will make it far easier for you to do.

Benefit of Using This Product

One of the main reasons why this can be highly beneficial is because riders can get a lot of space while they are using this board. Even though the deck is long and wide, it is lightweight which makes it easy to bring around from one place to another. For riders who would love to turn and cruise, this longboard will be highly easy to use. It also helps that this comes with a design that is just basic enough to be loved by many.

Pros and Cons of This Product

Why is it important to know the pros and cons of this product? What if you would purchase something and realize that it has some features that you do not need, will you regret your purchase? This is something that you would like to think about first so make sure that you know the advantages and disadvantages that you may possibly get.


• Very Stable Trucks - If you are worried that you might wobble a bit or you may fall off from the board because the trucks are not stable then those worries will not matter when you are using this board.
• Good Control - Even if you have to cruise through rough surfaces,you can be sure that you will be able to keep your control.
• Natural Looking Design - The design of this longboard does not try too hard to become noticed. You will immediately notice it from a sea of colorful longboards.
• Durable - You can tell that this is one longboard that you can use all over and over again and it will not break down on you just after a few months of use. This is something you can use for a long time.
• Easy to Maneuver - Do you need to take it through a lot of turns and corners? You will not have trouble using this at all.


• A Bit Heavy - If you would compare it with other longboards, this may be a bit heavy to bring around. Even its trucks are a bit heavy as well so do not expect that it will be easy to bring around when traveling.
• Limited Turns - Although you may be able to turn it easily, the radius of how you are going to turn may be a bit limited.

Customer Score

Now that you already know the various things that you can expect from this longboard, what do you think are the other things that people are saying about it? This has received a rating of 9.5 out of 10 because a lot of people generally like what this product can offer. Even though it is fairly heavy which makes people not want to give it a perfect 10 score, they have to admit that this longboard feels durable. Some people are disappointed because of the non full turn radius but a lot of people are generally confident while using it which explains why the scores that most people give this longboard are still high.




 You have to admit that even if you try searching for a long time, it will be hard for you to find a longboard that has all the features that this longboard can offer. It sells well because for a lot of people, this longboard is the best. It may not be perfect but beginners and more advanced riders will have a grand time using this longboard either for cruising or for doing some tricks. Its limitations are overpowered by its benefits. Most riders will be very happy using this longboard for quite a long time. This can easily be recommended for first time and even intermediate riders looking for a durable longboard.


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