How to remove bearings off the longboard in just one minute or less

Removing the bearings off your longboard has got to be the easiest thing – don’t let the mechanism frighten you off.  Plus, it’s over in no- time. Many skaters don’t actually know where the bearings are, and what’s going on down there beneath the the deck of the board where you stand, except that it helps you fly through the street, of course.  And they are doing fine. So why is it necessary to remove bearings off the longboard? Well, the bearings are the bloodlife of your longboard, so to speak – since the rubber your wheels are made from don’t spin well against metal, that is, the trucks of your lonboard, these bearings help you spin better, which is your goal. But sometimes they get dirty or old and don’t do the job quite good anymore, so you have to remove them. You can do that either in order to change or clean them, but you have to remove them in any case. If you don’t know exactly when the time is right to do that, squeaking of your wheels would be a pretty good sign if and when you hear them. So here is everything you need to know.

Tools you need

Although many skateboard shops remove provide a service of removing your bearings for free, it’s better to learn how to do it yourself, so you can do it in a situation when you need to remove them, and you don’t have a skateboard shop near you. Especially since it’s so simple and quick.

Although you’ll need just your bare hands almost for the whole process, for the first step you’re gonna need some sort of tool. Skate tool would be the most efficient but if you don’t have it, don’t worry – you can use any kind of a screw driver of a wrench, they will do the job just as good. Simply turn your longboard around, place the screw driver, wrench or a skate tool near you and keep reading these instructions.

Steps to remove your bearings

Step 1 – remove the wheel


Your bearings are placed inside the holes in your wheels and you have one on each side of the wheel. Since the wheel is pulled through the axl, you can’t access the bearings without removing the wheel. Take that tool you have and place it on the nut which is located on the outer side of the wheel. It looks like a little metal circle. Grab the nut with the tool and pry it until it comes loose. When you will be able to remove the nut, you will be able to remove the wheel as well.

Step 2 – Pry the bearing against the axl

When you take your wheel off and look inside the whole, you’ll see a bearing. It’s fixed against the wheel, so you are gonna have to use a little force to take it off. You can do that by placing the wheel onto the axl and then gently but firmly pry it until you feel it’s gonna come off. This prying and wiggling is simillar to opening a can of drink. Just make sure you don’t use too much force, or you’ll damage the bearing and the wheel.

 Step 3 – Turn the wheel around and repeat the process


Remember, there are two bearings on each side of the holes in your wheel. So when you have removed a bearing on one side, flip the wheel over and repeat the whole process described above.

And that’s it! Easiest thing you’ve ever done. If you had a little trouble with prying, don’t let that discourage you – practice makes it perfect. And you’ll need to practice in order to maintain your longboard in a good shape – taking care of the bearings is the key. Removing them after you hear the warning signs from your longboard is fine, but it’s best to do it when you feel the slight difficulty in spinning of the wheels. That’s very important because that way you won’t risk damaging them – you’ll only have to clean them at that point.

If you need more visual cues, here’s a video tutorial from Youtube –

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