Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout Drop through Complete Longboard Skateboard, 9×6 Inches x 42.0 – Inch

Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout Drop through Complete Longboard Skateboard, 9x6 Inches x 42.0 - Inch
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When you are searching for the right longboard that you would like to use for riding, what are the things that you base on so that you can make a decision? The first thing that you may have to consider is how good you consider yourself to be in longboarding. Do you still consider yourself as a beginner mainly because you know that you have only started recently? Maybe you already consider yourself as an expert and you would like a board that will remind you of this.
Aside from your level of experience when it comes to riding the right board, you also have to reckon how you are going to make use of the board. Do you plan on using it when you are with your friends and you would work on several tricks for hours? You need a board that will be able to take all of the things that you may do to it. Do you plan on using the board for cruising around or perhaps going from one place to another? This is always something that you ought to consider so that you can narrow down your choices for longboards further.
If you are still having a hard time making a choice, perhaps you would need something like Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout Drop through Complete Longboard Skateboard. You can be sure that this cool looking longboard may be unlike the other longboards that you have seen before. It may be able to offer something that is completely new too. Are you already interested to know more about it? Get to know the facts that you need right here.

Specifications of the Product

You may wonder why this longboard has managed to get a lot of good reviews so far. It is not only because it is created by a well trusted brand but because majority of the people who have used it are totally happy with the product. Now is the time for you to know what its specifications are so that you can also make a decision.

  • High Quality Stock Hardware – Unlike in other boards wherein you need to change some of its components just to make it work the way you want it to work, this longboard is the opposite. The items are all made with great quality which can make using the longboard a breeze.
  • Bamboo – Instead of the usual types of wood used in order to create longboards, this longboard is made out of bamboo. This can ultimately help the board to become more flexible than ever. At the same time, you can tell that this is perfect for other brands as well.
  • Wide Wheelbase – This can help provide the stability that you are searching for when riding which means that riding can also be easier for you to do.
  • 42 Inches Long – Like mentioned earlier, longboards my come in all shapes and sizes. This one is at 42 inches and the length makes it easier to control as compared to other boards.
  • Wide Trucks – Are you into using the longboard when you are riding downhill? If you answer yes to this question then you know that this is the board for you. Their wide truck makes it perfect for racing downhill that you may do alone or even with your friends.


Pros and Cons of the Product

You may think that knowing the specifications is already enough for you to make a choice but is this really the case? Do you only have to rely on the specifications before you can make a decision? Perhaps you ought to know more about the pros and cons of this product right now so that you can decide if this is truly the longboard you are searching for.


• Board made for everyone - You would always see some boards that are more ideal for beginners and some boards that are more ideal for advanced riders but this is the board that is meant to be used by everybody even those who are in between becoming experts from being a beginner.
• Solid and Stable - You can tell the moment that you hold the longboard that it is solid enough in order to sustain your weight while you are riding. You also do not have to worry about falling off as this is stable.
• Firm grasp on the Ground - If you are fond of doing tricks then you will not be disappointed with this board mainly because it has a grip tape placed on the front portion of the board. You will be able to position your feet well and do the tricks you would like to do with ease.
• Great Quality Bearings - Concerned about the amount of speed that you can do while riding the board? You know that the high quality bearings will make sure to give you the speed that you need so that you can have a fun riding experience.
• Made with Great Quality - You can be assured of the quality of the board mainly because it has been created with how people are going to use it in mind. The high quality materials also contribute to the overall quality of the board.


• Sharp Turning Hard - When you are in stable grounds, sharp turning may be hard to achieve because of its size.
• Weight Limit of 200 lbs. - If you are over 200lbs, this may not be the right board for you to try.
• Wheels Can Be Improved - While the stock materials are good enough, you may still see the need to improve the wheels further to fit your longboarding needs.


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Based on the things that are mentioned above, what have you gotten to know about Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout Drop through Complete Longboard Skateboard? It is obvious that this board looks amazing so expect some compliments while you are using it but aside from this, what else can you expect from this longboard? From its high quality parts to how you are going to use it, you know that this longboard will not disappoint you.


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