What size of skateboard to choose? Read our guide and find out!

Okay, so you have decided to ride a skateboard, maybe even to become a full – time skateboarder. You already realize that skateboards don’t come just in one size, not only that, but in different colors, designs etc- Still, you don’t know which is the right size for you. Maybe you already have some experience in sakteboarding, but you want to change your style. Wherever the reason may be, you struggle with the dillema: what size skateboard should I get? Read our article to find out.

 What sizes are there?



As it’s already mentioned, skateboards come in many sizes. The sizes are usually divided into age groups – for skaters who are 5 years old or younger and who are under 3 feet and 5 inches tall, the perfect skateboard size is the one that has width about 6,5 inches, and about 27 inches in lenth. Since they are very small, smaller than adults, they would’t know what to do with bigger skateboards and wouldn’t be able to ride it properly as they would be with the skateboard that matches their size.



For those between 6 and 8 years older that are tall 3 feet and 5 inches up to 4 feet and 4 inches, skateboard whose deck is 7 inches in width and which is 28 inches long is perfect for them.

A mid size skateboard with deck that’s about 7 inches wide and 29 inches long is for skaters that are between 9 and 12 years old, that is, for those kids who are between 4 inches, 5 feet  and 5 feet 2 inches tall and wear size 7- 8 shoes. At that age, if they are passionate enough about skateboarding, they may learn a few advanced tricks, which this size skateboard allows them to do.

Skateboards that are 29 inches long and 7.5 inches wide are for those over the age of 13 and taller than 5 feet, 3 inches. These skateboards and the ones longer and wider are also for adults in general. But is that enough to make your final decision?

Sizes and styles


No, it doesn’t have to be. You already know that you are probably an adult; you have a certain style in mind when you ask yourself what size skateboard you should get. And skateboards oblige; depending on their decks’ width and length, they can allow you to develop the style you want.

Skateboards who’s deck is between 7,5 inches to 8 inches wide are great for adults who want to practice and perfect technical tricks. However, if you need your skateboard to be a transportation device, that is, if you just want to ride it for point A to point B without being wild, you need a deck that’s wider. For cruising, as it’s commonly called, skateboard width should be more than 8 inches wide. With wheels, it’s the same story – if you want to do tricks, it’s better if your wheels are small, because if they are small they are lighter, and with reduced weight you can flip around and go crazy with greater ease. If you feel like you are insecure on the skateboard still, if you are perhaps a beginner, a medium size wheels will do just fine. Those are about 54 to 59 milimeters big and they come with average size skateboard, from about 7,5 to 8 inches and 29 inches long or even more. The bigger the wheels, the more they are suited for cruising; they are designed for safety, so they are also good for going downhill as well.

Combining wheels with skateboard decks isn’t something that you need to concern yourself with unless you are bulding your own skateboard. If you are going to the skateboard shop to buy one, all you need to do is what you are looking for, and we hope this article has provided you with that information. Of course, person working in a skateboard shop will probably tell you everything we’ve told you, but you don’t want to appear as a total newbie.

Hope this article shed some light on this. If you liked it, share it with others!

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